Out of the Mouths of Our Babes …

Unicef’s recent report on childhood well-being reported yesterday on CBC shows Canada in the middle of the pack (17 out of 29) and the United States in the last sector (26 out of 29) when it comes to our children’s well-being. Canada’s standing has not improved since 2007.

Ranking is based on the five broad categories of:

MATERIAL WELL-BEING, Canada 15, United States 26
HEALTH and SAFETY, Canada 27 United States 25
EDUCATION, Canada 14, United States 27
BEHAVIORS and RISK, Canada 16, United States 23
HOUSING and ENVIRONMENT, Canada 11, United States 23

This information extracted from CBC’s April 10, 2013 The National Report on the Internet, with files from Lorenda Redekopp. Visit CBC’s and Unicef’s website for additional information.

Beyond the above numbers though are the “red flags” from our children who responded to questions about their own perception of their state of well-being by saying they feel they are being thwarted in their hopes and dreams, which is why Canada only ranked 24th out of 29 when asked about children’s level of satisfaction.

When we take away hopes and dreams, we take away people’s zest for living. We create resentful people who go through the expected motions and who develop unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with the feelings or hopelessness and resentment … see the youth cannabis stats in the above study … then look at the stats on depression, suicide, run-aways, bullying, abuse, violence … then consider, what we are teaching by example … that a person is not valuable, that hopes and dreams are not valuable, that living is about being who people want you to be and just getting by … collecting and hoarding what you can, giving just enough to assauge your guilt, and then burrowing one’s head to not see what is too painful to recognize … a world filled with disrespect for life.

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Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE
Aprill 11, 2013

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