Not Exclusive to Children and Teens, Bullying is Everywhere

To bully means to tease, harass, threaten, dominate … to control and terrorize by manipulation whether verbally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially … through any means a person devises to make others feel as they do.

People who bully, whether through resorting to the bomb attack that rocked the Boston Marathon yesterday or through turning over a desk and destroying a phone in a local school or a sibling hurting another or a boss threatening to fire an employee for standing up for their right to be treated fairly or a landlord intimidating a tenant experiencing financial difficulties or citizens gossiping about a community member or a politician slamming political opponents instead of selling us on what good they can do themselves or a parent devaluing, neglecting or abusing a child or an adult neglecting or abusing its parent, a pedophile abducting a child, people waging a religious war, etc. etc. etc. … reflect their varying RESPECT LEVELS, all below the 50% mark and mostly around the 10% to 35%.

To stop bullying of any kind, the only solution is to help people feel valuable … RESPECTED … for who they are as individuals … to find, develop, and deliver new ways of transforming any bullying behavior, raising RESPECT LEVELS since any other approach is simply reaction to an infection … we may take away the infection, but without clearing up the source, the source will find another way to attack with intent to destroy.

Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE Changes Our World by Changing Our Philosophy

April 16, 2013
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