Bangladesh: Connecting the Dots … How Much Money is Enough?

Chained to making the highest profit at all costs, many businesses do not care what the costs are or to whom demonstrating their low RESPECT LEVELS …

Chained to the need to get the most for their money too, consumers do not care about the source of their purchases, just that they have what they been conditioned to think they must have to be okay and accepted … to feel valued because they have low RESPECT LEVELS …

Chained to the need to make the most money by playing on people’s emotions by making them believe they must have their products no matter what, even by encouraging them to go into debt to do so, many businesses demonstrate their low RESPECT LEVELS …

Chained to the need to make money off the marketing provided by businesses selling products, banks and credit card companies, converge on the masses, to borrow against the future to pay for the present, demonstrating their own limited creativity and their own low RESPECT LEVELS …

Chained to the need to abuse people for greedy profit demonstrates the low RESPECT LEVELS business owners have for themselves as well as for the world they share with everyone else, including those paid by poverty wages and unsafe working environments … in Bangladesh and anywhere …

Chained to the need to take advantage of people by paying poverty wages through part-time jobs with no benefits also reflects people’s low RESPECT LEVELS …

Chained to the need to feed, clothe and shelter themselves, many people work part-time jobs with no benefits so they get into debt and cannot get out … go bankrupt and not only suffer personally, but contribute to the world’s financial instability demonstrating low RESPECT LEVELS …

This and so much more … generates the mentality and the circumstances we are passing onto the next generations.

Without connecting the dots … changing our way of thinking by changing our beliefs and actions … recognizing that we are all losing with our historical and present belief that some people are more valuable than others … there will always be those fighting, lying, cheating, and stealing to keep what they have gained on the backs of others … from those who have not … yet ironically, those who “have” are teaching those who have not how to be just like them … to get what they want at any cost, so why should they be surprised when people, even when not on conscious purpose do the same?

When we will all realize how much is enough? When we have raised our RESPECT LEVEL enough to value others as we value ourselves. Anything else is self-destructive since we do all have to share the same planet and its resources.

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May 5, 2013
Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE

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