Connect the Dots … 3 Women Not Your Daughters, Sisters, Friends … But They Could Be

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight may not be your daughter, sister or friend … but they could be.

3 young women enslaved and imprisoned for 10 years by 3 men in a crowded community.

Please explain to these daughters, sisters and friends, to their families, to me and to yourself why … why you are not supporting and sponsoring the launch of a global initiative to raise individual and global RESPECT LEVELS so people will value life, theirs and others, enough not to enslave any person in any way.

Let us not further disrespect these 3 women by just ranting and raving about the 3 monsters and putting them to death … people do such things because they are passing on what they know … we must stop history from repeating itself over and over again. We must think differently. Do differently. We must fix the source of the problem … the low RESPECT LEVELS people feel for themselves and others that allows them to commit these and other atrocities

Take the The Rationale Challenge!

Connect the dots yourself!

The life you save will not only be your own, but also your daughters and sons, your sisters and brothers, and your friends because you, we, all have to live in this world … and how we live in this world as individuals creates the world we all have to live in … together.


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