Science as Religion … Science, plus The RESPECT PRINCIPLE Equals …

Growing in spirituality means letting go of science as the religion: the new religion many believe have replaced the Old Biblical Covenant.

Discarding the Old Covenant’s legalistic teachings is not easy because they are often taught, experienced and hardwired at a young age. Breeding feelings of shame, unworthiness, guilt and a host of other debilitating thoughts, old Covenant religious teachings, upon analysis, reveal themselves to be limiting and harmful to the point of even creating a sense of hopelessness of never being good enough.

As a result, to alleviate depression, oppression and feelings of despair, many people turned to science as the new religion, but science is limited. It is the study of cause and effect, measuring and judging results, including the results of others.

We have come to equate bad results with bad people and good results with good people, but as science keeps discovering, we are far from simple beings and what we see is not all there is. Our literal world including our physiology is only a part of what we are as we realize from the creation of artificial intelligence. We are not just a collection of parts like robots, we are our bodies and minds, we are hearts, souls and spirits … and science alone does not, nor will it ever satisfy us spiritually.

The RESPECT PRINCIPLE was born to fill the gap, to act as a bridge between science as our religion and our spirituality. Is is a stepping stone, a foundation even to help our transition from our logical and practical scientific approach to our spiritual one by the addition of the emotional and psychological component … compassion.

Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE simply is a tool and guide for the growth past Old Covenant religion, plus science as religion and into the spiritual freedom promised in the New Covenant.

Still, while we regain our recollection of the spiritual beings we truly are, we need the RESPECT “FULL” peaceful common ground to meet each other upon to resolve our differences or at the very least to find ways to reap the benefits of our differences.

The RESPECT PRINCIPLE is science-based because of its logic and practicality, but because of its psychological and emotional component of compassion, it is also more humane, developing us past cause and effect robots who can turn away when we need to turn in. The RESPECT PRINCIPLE helps us change, not in leaps in bounds, but in small steps as we develop into more of what we can become as a species.

The great news is with all the small steps we each take, the synergy of all of our efforts translates into huge benefits for us all as we learn to work together better because we know what we do for others, serves us as well too.

Then, we will be living the New Covenant, whether we believe in it or not.

This is really good news for the world we all have to live in together.

Kaitlin (K.A) Trepanier
All Rights Reserved
May 17, 2013
Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE Developer and Author

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