Reaping the Benefits of Growth, Adaptation … and Change

It is understandable, based on the world we live in, that we reach a certain point in our lives when we do not want things or people to change. We become comfortable. We like what we have or what we do and when someone tries to change our world, we will often ignore the pressure until we start fighting back to hold things in place as they are.

The argument traditionalists use is the old is good with the justification why change what has worked or works. But the question begged, is for whom does keeping things the same work?

If we had kept things the same, we would still be living in caves, so the logic of keeping things the same, not growing, adapting and changing not only does not make logical sense, it is a false premise.

If we had kept things the same, we would not be enjoying the benefits of technology enabling us to communicate through devices, such as the one I am using right now.

If we had kept things the same, many people would not recover from life-threatening illnesses or would not have been vaccinated against such illnesses.

No matter how we look at it, scientifically or spiritually, life is about change; change brought about by learning, growing and adapting … again, again and again. It is only when we stop … desire to settle at a certain point and also try to force other people to do the same, that we run into the bigger problems our world faces … and all biggest problems are a result of our relationship with those and the world around us. We want things to just be okay and not change.

We may not want our spouse, our partner, our friends, our family, our work environment, our job, our daily routine to change. As a result, when they do, we struggle to hold on to people and things the way they were … even if the way things were doesn’t make us happy anymore, doesn’t satisfy or even harms through trying to control others. Ironically, the tighter we try to hold, the more what or whom we are trying to control naturally fights back because the adaptation need resides deep in us all.

Fighting back takes different shapes though. Some just walk away quietly, some stay begrudgingly, tussling with words and actions as resentment grows, some try to get us to let go and grow too. In the end though, change always wins. The husband or wife leaves the other, the business partner sells their share to the other, the employee leaves a company that doesn’t foster and reward their growth, a family member pulls away from the family that won’t accept their growth or uniqueness, the resident moves away from a nation where safety through conformity rules economics, politics, religion and societal demands, the teenager runs away, the unaccepted goes underground by disappearing or becoming homeless, many turn to drugs, alcohol and any addition to numb the pain of either giving in to being controlled or to pretend that is not what is happening.

At all costs, traditionalists say what we had or have is the best thing, but how can it be when we only use a small percentage, 10% to 20% of our brain power? Do we really want to limit ourselves to living such small lives? What benefits, if any, do we reap by doing so?

Traditionalists call anyone a non-traditionalist irresponsible or wild; risk takers who would throw caution to the wind, but if it wasn’t for the non-traditionalists, we would still be in the caves … because it was a non-traditionalist who ventured beyond … who discovered fire … who travelled across lands and seas in order for us to be here today, living in homes with running water, electricity, comfortable furniture … all discovered or created by non-traditionalists.

No matter what our life looks like now, there is so much more waiting for each of us to reap, including the safety only a peaceful world, built on a high RESPECT LEVEL, for each other, and ourselves, will provide. The cost is small … continuous learning, growing and changing, compared to the price we as individuals and our world pay daily for staying the same in our beliefs and our actions. Just watch the news and choose your preference. Keep supporting the world the way it is … or as it has been said, be part of the change you want to see happen. Raise your own RESPECT LEVEL and watch your life become enriched in all ways.

Kaitlin (K.A) Trepanier
All Rights Reserved
August 21, 2013
Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE Developer, Author, Speaker and Playwright

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