What Do Chemical Warfare, Leaking Radiation, and a Gang Rape Have to Do With Bullying?

We teach our children by our own actions … and our inactions.

In our western society, we now encourage students who see other students being bullied to come forward … so we can hold the bully accountable, get them the help they need and to protect the bullied. The challenges also include getting the bystander to get involved … to do their part, to take action and to not passively turn their heads and walk away … to motivate them to move past their fear and apathy that compels them to turn their sight from what they see instead of just trudging along with their own personal lives … not stepping up to what needs to be done … not realizing what they are teaching their own children … and the world at large.

Unconditional love that seeks not to harm is the ultimate goal, but raising our global RESPECT LEVEL to the 50% mark will translate into our being role models for other people and nations whose levels are well below ours as demonstrated by their actions … chemical warfare, radiation leakage and yet another gang rape.

We can’t stop such things through our own actions, but we can examine how our beliefs, choices and actions impact the world around us … be those of our family, community, nation or global community.

Someone recently said to me that it was a good thing for me to do all I am for my Dad because, as far as she knew, he was not a mean man. Still stunned at times by people’s thoughts, words and actions, I walked away thinking how we determine how someone should be treated by our experience with them.

My Dad, like everyone else I’ve ever met, has the capability to be mean and he has been at times. … just like everyone else I’ve ever read about, met and myself. She probably was not aware of how her judgment and statement was mean when she put herself on a pedestal that she believed empowered her to think and state such a thing … and even act it out towards others she feels “above.”

Regardless, we are ultimately all human. Sometimes we are thoughtless, inconsiderate, ashamed, embarrassed, arrogant, mean, cruel, fearful, neglectful, stingy, abusive and even violent … violent in our judgment and words, not just in violent acts such as beatings, rape, and murder. Yet sometimes, like all humans, we are capable of being thoughtful, considerate, humble, kind, brave, careful, caring, generous, respectful and loving.

In our global culture, it is important to not acknowledge our dark side and to point our finger at others whose dark side is discovered through the results their actions generate … but, not recognizing, when pushed to our own limits what we may be capable of, we, like the bystanders who watch the bullying and turn away are just as responsible … and encourage others to be more like us … afraid that once our own darkness or frailties are revealed we too will be turned upon.

Just like Justin Trudeau is now being turned upon by some people for his admission to previously having smoked pot; however, experience and history has taught me that people who admit to no bad behaviour, to no mistakes or bad choices are more dangerous in the long run … like the bystanders … because by their lack of responsibility they teach others to do the same, which is why our world hasn’t really changed that much considering how long we have been on this planet.

John Mackay may say Trudeau is not good material for a leader, but my preference is for an honest, transparent politician any time over someone who denies they have made some not-so-great choices … who denies their own dark side. We’ve had enough of that kind of leadership and look where that kind of bullying has not got us as the human race.

No matter whether it is not acknowledging our mistakes, bad choices or the help we need, we play a vital part in the chaos. Whether though Japan’s passive, prideful decision not to ask for containing the radiation leak, the silent stealth violence of using chemicals to kill sleeping men, women and children, or the blatant disregard for human life by yet another violent gang rape in India, this is all bullying, as is Mackay’s attack on Trudeau … for anything that does not lift up, drags down … and that’s what people operating with low RESPECT LEVELS do … they do whatever they can to put of keep you low, falsely believing it elevates them … but of course, in the end, as it is always proven, those who seek to rise above on the backs and bodies of others, will, as history reveals, ultimately find themselves at the bottom every time.

Kaitlin (K.A.) Trepanier
All Rights Reserved
August 23, 2013
Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE Developer, Author, Speaker, and Playwright

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