Headline Flash Seen on TV Today … Snooping on Kids to Prevent Tragedy

An oxymoron. When we snoop on kids, we teach them it is permissible to snoop on others … to invade other people’s privacy and space … and then we wonder why they do not grow up with healthy, respectful boundaries for themselves and for others.

If we truly want to prevent tragedy, foremost we need to teach children and teens about different RESPECT LEVELS … and the choices and consequences of all levels … so they can think, choose, and act with the RESPECT LEVEL they want to generate the results they want … empowering them to make good decisions no matter what challenges are presented to them and who is presenting the challenge.

Connecting the Dots … If we do not want youth to go through our personal things, we have to show them the same Respect Level because how we treat them is how they will treat us, others, themselves and how they will let other people treat them.

Connecting the Dots … If an eight-year old child was approached at school and told by a neighbour they were supposed to go home with the neighbour, a RESPECT-FILLED child would know they have the right to go the Principal’s office to check with her or his parent(s) and the Principal before leaving unannounced with someone.

Connecting the Dots … If a fourteen-year old teen was approached on the street by someone in a car to go for a ride alone, a RESPECT-FILLED teen would know how to handle such an approach, inclusive of telling trusted adults.

Connecting the Dots … If a sixteen year old boy was being tormented for his unusual attire and looks, a RESPECT-FILLED boy would be strong enough to withstand the teasing and would gather support to get the behavior be stopped before yet another life was taken by his or others’ hands.

… etc. etc. etc.

In order to teach kids how to connect the dots we have to see and do things differently too as we learn to connect the dots to generate the results we want to see.

October 28, 2013

Kaitlin A. Trepanier

All Rights Reserved by DARK HORSES PRODUCTIONS/KAITLIN A. TREPANIER, Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE Developer, Author, Speaker, Playwright, Altruistic Entrepreneur, and Human Rights Activist … because every child should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED

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