Christmas … Not Just for Family and Friends … But Strangers Too

So much pressure put onto people to be with family and friends and when they are not, the feelings of sadness and loneliness weigh so heavy on some people’s souls, they never make it through the night or the holidays.

Some people have no families or homes to go back to for a number of reasons. Parents have died, they have no living relatives, abusive homes were left long ago and wounds never healed, foster homes that were not really homes, not enough money for travel or gifts, illness, shame and a number of many more. Judgment of and disrespect for each other also fills many empty rooms and houses instead of people.

Joseph and Mary experienced much of the same … misunderstood, judged, and ostracized too they ran for their lives and the life of the son Mary was to bear on Christmas Eve.

Who were Joseph, Mary, and Jesus surrounded by on the night we celebrate as Christmas Eve and Christmas day? Strangers, of course … kind strangers.

Family and friends all together for the holidays is all such a lovely idea, but one that leaves out so many other people in the world … including those who do not know where the idea of Christmas and the spirit of Christmas … love … came from.

This Christmas take the pressure off family and friends and share some love with a stranger or two or three … especially with those who have so much less than you. Jesus would … and he would want you to do so … in his name … for that is the reason he came Christmas Eve over two thousand years ago.

Merry Christmas all! May the spirit of Christmas fill your year with loving thoughts, words, and actions!

And if the spirit of Christmas … love … is not what you believe in, then please consider at least valuing … respecting … each and every life … who is just as valuable as you … not more … but also not less … it’s a big step to making the world, including your own, a much better place for us all to live and thrive.

December 24, 2014

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