Two days of crisis and care management for Dad, moving him back to Southampton Care Centre, washing all his belongings, some at a laundromat en route to SCC and some later that night at home because of the Outbreak both places had just come out of Monday and Tuesday. Took his wife up yesterday when I returned with more of his belongings, plus new ones we had to buy because of the amount of belongings, clothes and linens, that keep disappearing in these community places … especially the hospital.

Put a call into CCAC for “crisis” transfer to Trillium Court in Kincardine because SCC see Dad … the man who was in great physical pain it was finally discovered and acknowledged while he was in Owen Sound Hospital … the way he was before they sent him there … someone who had become aggressive … but if they had listened … if he had had specialists look at him before this … during the past three years … if they had acknowledged his physical pain from his life as an athlete, his over 75 falls in the past few years, two abcessed teeth and two more on their way due to poor dental hygiene the past three years … and got him on the right pain med which he is now on … if they had listened regarding the dentist I took him to the day before they shipped him off to Owen Sound, they would have known so much more was physical pain not being dealt with … his living environment and conditions and more.

I forgive them, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take the healthcare system to task for the much needed changes … because people with Alzheimer’s or dementia are “not criminals” and should not be treated as such. It is time to treat people with such diseases, physical or mental, the same way we treat people with cancer, heart conditions, etc.

Instead, this round of healthcare professionals are doing what others have done over the past three years … just medicating to the point of incapacitation till death do the person departs … and quality of life be damned … at least for those with these illnesses. They have repeatedly done this to him … because they are not working … communicating … I know, because over and over and over I have to keep telling the same story, but now it is time to tell it to someone who will truly listen and will help with the needed changes … for Dad and everyone else struggling in their last years with the ignorance and fear of their caretakers.

So here is yet one more reason to raise people’s “Respect Levels” by helping them “Connect the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE” because it should not matter what age someone is before they are treated respectfully … with value for just being a life.

February 19, 2015

The RESPECT SPECIALIST & PEACEMAKER … Freeing “Potential” with Education, Entertainment, and Inspiration!

Click on the link below starting Tuesday, January 27, 2015 to DISCOVER … and SUPPORT … the INDIEGOGO crowd funding campaign for the global initiative, Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLEbecause every child … every person … should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED.

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