Dad dying … will not be returning to long-term care. He was admitted to the Southampton Hospital late yesterday after not-recovering from yet another mini-stroke. A series of tests and vitals revealed his body is shutting down. Doctor told us to call anyone last night who would want to see him before he leaves us. Stayed the night with him and his vitals have not changed much, even with the IV to stave off him dying of thirst and hunger. Heading back this afternoon with Shirley, will bring her home, and back for overnight again. Want to move him to the lovely Palliative Room, but I can’t be there twenty-four hours a day and there aren’t many other options … because we have to supply the people power to be on watch 24 hours because the room would be so far away from the nurses’ desk. Praying for the help he needs and trusting God to deliver in whatever way He knows is best.

Will get back to you … sometime.

Thank you.

Kaitlin A. Trepanier

March 17, 2015

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