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Hello … from my Facebook page …

Though I haven’t been on line for days, I know and appreciate your thoughts and prayers are with us. Dad was moved into the palliative care room in the Southampton Hospital after a doctor who had never seen him before described him as a “very, very sick man,” which until that time, no one had said because previous doctors had not investigated thoroughly his source of pain as much as they focused on medicating his aggressive (frustrated and pained) behavior revealed by Monday night’s assessment. Monday night he was put on an IV and even antibiotics till the truth sunk in and the options presented on how to proceed.

Moving him into palliative care meant my commitment to be there from afternoon through till the morning when Phil arrived and stayed till early afternoon, when at first I was bringing Shirley up for the afternoon, returning her to Kincardine, and then returning for my overnight stays. Shirley’s daughter arrived home late Wednesday so now she has picked up the afternoon shift by bringing her mom and taking her home … so I can catch up on a few things … including writing this.

Several of the nurses have been excellent and are helping to teach the others about palliative care, have been helpful explaining what is and will happen, and the doctors now are working with them to keep him the most comfortable.
Paul and his son, Luke arrived the other night, the priest gave the Sacrament blessing late afternoon yesterday. Just two more people I expect he is waiting for, one going tonight and the other this weekend, though he saw her just weeks ago.

I will miss him greatly but I had the past three and half years with him, getting to know not just my dad, but the boy, the teen, the young man. And many months ago, it was put on my heart to be with him at the end so he does not feel alone … and here I am in the same room with him fifteen to eighteen hours a day, reading to him, talking to him, keeping him calm and focused as the nurses attend to him … all is now well and soon he will have to let go because his body is saying it is time to go.

The one thing I want to ask of you now is that you pray for my Dad to feel at peace with leaving this world and moving onto the next. Thank you and God bless.

March 20, 2015


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