Late Sunday night, the manuscript formatting challenges were finally resolved and the book was sent to the printer. Being inaccessible myself yesterday, I was delighted to discover this morning that all is well and I should soon have the “book proof” in my hand. Once I do, I can give the okay to go ahead with the printing of the first 100 books … the Limited Edition … and then the next step of filling the orders, plus writing the letters for the soon-to-be book recipients who will help get “Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE” book into the fall school curriculum and anywhere else they feel it would be beneficial … any organization, community service groups, including group homes, prisons, etc.

Thanks to all who ordered your signed and numbered copy!

June 2, 2015


Freeing “Potential” with Education, Entertainment, and Inspiration with the global initiative and core book Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE … because every child … every person … should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED.

© All rights reserved 2014.

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