You have likely heard or said, “If I help or save one person … I would be satisfied.”

Not me. Maybe it is because I do not have children, plus experienced debilitating experiences from early childhood into my adult years because of my resulting brokenness and differences that I have now healed from, that my life is now dedicated to helping children and the teens and adults they will one day become … and to helping parents and in general, everyone, to move past what we may know or experienced into creating a new, healthier, happier, and rewarding way of living in our world.

Raising awareness of the pervasive, often sub or unconscious belief, what I call the Disrespect Philosophy in the just released core book, Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE is designed to do exactly that … to help the many realize they are valued … respected … just for being a life. And that as soon as they embrace the idea, that regardless of what others may had told them, how they may have been labeled, treated or mistreated, and regardless of how they have reacted to what they have been told or experienced … they are still valuable … entitled to being treated respectfully on their journey back to a life-affirming existence.

No, one is not enough. Nor is 1000 or 10, 10,000, or even 1 million.

The reason is for every person who does not realize their own value … will not realize their own potential … he or she will not be able to contribute positively to their own life and to the world-at-large. They will not be able to deliver the best they have to offer … which means they will not be able to help others realize their potential … which in turn means they will not be able to help themselves and their loved ones live in a better world.

So, here’s your chance to change the outcome. Connect the Dots … with The Respect Principle and help me help others do the same … and reap the benefits … including the money to be saved from less health, social support, and correctional costs … that will in turn reduce the government’s need to tax its people as heavily.

And if you cannot yet help because you do not believe everyone is valuable … worthy of respect, then just consider the economics and the impact on your financial wealth. It’s a start. Perhaps now you may even be thinking, “Well, one dollar is not enough.” Sweet … because then you may be willing to help me help more people … because you know one is never enough because you honestly can’t think of just one person who deserves the life-long experience of feeling valued … respected … while everyone else does not.


August 7, 2015


Freeing “Potential” with Education, Entertainment, and Inspiration with the global initiative and core book Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE because every child … every person … should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED. © All rights reserved 2014.

SUPPORT getting the core book into schools, prisons, and social support organizations this fall by contributing to the “BECAUSE EVERY CHILD …” fundraising campaign.

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