Accolades, Reviews, and References

Regarding Justin Trudeau and Liberal Party of Canada’s questionnaire card, What do you want? and my response that generated the following call and comments:

We need more Canadians like you. A well-written letter and I will forwarded it to Justin Trudeau. D. Hopkins, Liberal Party of Canada, Ottawa office 10/14/15

Regarding Chi-Eta Scholarship Outstanding Student Cooperation Award

Voted by and awarded by the Westervelt College faculty

Regarding the Frankly Bob Literary Award Competition …

Mayor David Miller and members of Toronto City Council together with Toronto Dollar Project and the Neighbourhood Innovations Fund extend warmest congratulations to Kaitlin Trepanier, recipient of the Honourable Mention (Literature) Prize of the Frankly Bob Literary Award Competition.

Kaitlin, this award recognizes your talent, tenacity of spirit and contribution to your community and reflects the status of true leadership that is a model for those on a similar journey.

As a participant of the Toronto Dollar Project, you are an ambassador of hope that has helped strengthen our economy, local communities, and the greening of our city.

Best wishes for continued success!

Mayor David Miller and Councillor Pam McConnell

Regarding Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle, core book, July 2015 print version …

It is a book one must read more than once. L. Thackery 9/30/15

Very well-written. I don’t normally get through those kinds of books, but I read the whole book the day I received it. J. Pumphrey-Vanthuyne. 7/26/15

The Holy Father wishes me to express his gratitude for your kind letter and the gift of an inscribed copy of your book. He appreciates the sentiments which prompted you to share your writings with him. His holiness will remember your intentions in his prayers. Monsignor Peter B. Wells, Assessor for Pope Francis, Vatican City, 8/17/2015

Thank you for the copy of your book. I will be donating it to the Parent Lending Library at Huron Heights Public School when it re-opens in the fall. Please find enclosed a cheque in payment for the book. Dr. L. Kasianik 8/13/15

I am reading your book and liking it! And it’s so true! enthusiastically shared, with a touch of surprise, S. McKinnon. 7/18/15

I really enjoyed reading Connecting the Dots … with”The Respect Principle.” Delighted that it is in print. Congrats. L. Kentish 8/23/15

Regarding the play, Charles’ Choice, based upon her concept and books, It is All About Respect/Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle driving the global initiative …

I believe that Kaitlin’s initiative can be extremely beneficial towards addressing the issue of bullying in our schools. Louise Galego, B.A. Program and Policy Development, Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

I can’t wait to take this on the road. Barb Rivers, school child worker

Overall, it was a great experience. Kathy Fowler, elementary teacher

Regarding the children’s series, Little Jack, published on Smashwords ebook platform October 2015 …

Thank you so much for sending me the “sneak peek” at a sample of Little Jack. I won’t ever forget how enthralled I was by this lovely story when you first read it to me. I didn’t realize there was a whole series – brilliant. So happy for you. I think “Little Jack”, while being such a wonderful story helps the reader to believe in daring to be brave. L. Kentish 8/23/15

Regarding The Original in You seminars/workshops presented to Social Assistance Small Business recipients and others. Created and facilitated by Kaitlin Trepanier …

The event Did a lot for me! I believe many should have this course. The speaker, Kaitlin, was fluent in what she was saying. You taught me something new and I am grateful that you were here and shared your story. Thank you! S. Fliegel

Kaitlin’s words helped me to recognize my low self esteem and encouraged me tow me to work towards building more. J. Brown

The event Motivated me. Great speaker, good listener as well. M. Johnston

The event Encouraged me to value and respect myself and my money. I respect her energy and clear mind and I liked hearing about independence and the skills of negotiation. L. Lodin.

The event Motivated and educated. Good direct speaker, energetic, reasonable, and realistic. I hope I can find the energy and self-respect that you have found in yourself.

I like how Kaitlin presented herself. She gave me more ideas about my business. V. Hylton

I got what I needed from Kaitlin. I. Bennett

Kaitlin reminded me to look inside myself for answers to the big questions as it is easy to lose track of your inner strengths and it is important to be reminded. She motivated me to continue my search. Thank you Kaitlin. Your talks hit home! M. Bofay

Kaitlin helped me to look and see what issues I have to deal with. J. Jones

The event Has reinforced the idea I have some personal issues to resolve NOW or I will repeat my mistakes. I needed to hear this, especially now. Thank you!

The event Encouraged me to value and respect myself and my money. I respect her energy and clear mind and I liked hearing about independence and the skills of negotiation. L. Lodin.

The event Re-affirmed by passion, knowing your niche. Liked the informality.

The event Gave me extra motivation. Actually made me look at my insides. Liked the information and how to get it. Would have liked a bit longer.

The event Re-touched on issues I have been working on. Kaitlin, you have control over your life and it shows!

Other comments regarding Kaitlin personally and professionally …

Recognized globally in Levi Strauss, Inc. newsletter for project development and completion of an initiative that reduced the Operations monthly planning cycle by forty hours per month.

The Original in You (talk) was great! Kaitlin is very task and goal oriented. she executes her projects with enthusiasm in an organized and timely manner. There is no doubt that  anything Kaitlin puts her mind to, she will complete and leave a lasting impression of a job well done.

Thanks for presenting valuable information about how to maintain the unique identity within all of us. The participants at the workshop were enthusiastic about the day and I got excellent feedback. Irene Johnston, Social Services Self-Employment trainer

Kaitlin is extremely organized, talented, and motivated. L. Kentish

I have known Kaitlin for approximately a year and a half. I am her accountant and also act as a business advisor as required. Kaitlin has tremendous talent, not only artistic talent, but organizational skills and business smarts as well. I have no doubt  that Kaitlin can carry out any project she takes on. Susan Mladenovich, CMA, regarding the Trees in Our Community Project and creator, Kaitlin Ann Webber (now Trepanier)

I have known Kaitlin for two years as a volunteer at community arts events. I think that Kaitlin Ann has developed and interesting project that will be quite well accepted. Kaitlin Ann is very enthusiastic and her skills will makes this project quite successful. H. Howard Smith, Smith Runcini, regarding the Trees in Our Community Project and creator, Kaitlin Ann Webber (now Trepanier)

Also see Awards, Memorabilia, and Name Changes

November 4, 2015

Kaitlin A. Trepanier … The Respect Specialist. Humanitarian. Social Entrepreneur. Speaker. Author. Poet. Playwright. Director. Publisher.

Raising the standard of living, quality of life, freeing potential, and generating peace with education, entertainment, and inspiration … because  every child, every person, should know, by their own experience, they are valued … respected. Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE.

NEWSFLASH! EBooks now available at and other favorite EBook retailers. New release DARK HORSES …The Short Story. Coming soon RESPECT … The Way Back into Love. Plus, Business Manager search is on! Also, presenting “Information to Smashwords” Seminars … November 5th is the next date!

Kaitlin’s Smashwords interview

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