Low “Respect Levels” AND Guns Kill

Creating strict gun controls  will help prevent more of the “accidental shootings” such as a child getting hold of a parent’s gun, but without our global culture attaining a Respect Level of 40 to 50 % or more, it won’t matter if guns are easily accessible or not … because people who want to harm others will find the means, legally or not. Mind you, solving the poverty problem would also help alleviate many of the problems that contribute to crime and violence.

Thoughts and prayers to people of San Bernardino Valley tonight.

December 2, 2015

KAITLIN ANN TREPANIER … The Respect Specialist. Humanitarian. Social Entrepreneur. Speaker. Author. Poet. Playwright. Director. Publisher … Freeing potential and generating peace through education, entertainment and inspiration. © All rights reserved 2015

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