10 Signs of a High Respect Level

1. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE … no other words for it except literally meaning you love and act out in love … without requiring or requesting someone to meet your conditions.

2. LOVE, also known as, devotedness, attachment, care for, delight in, hold dear, etc.

3. FORGIVE, also known as, cease to resent, excuse, condone, pardon, bear no malice, etc.

4. KIND, also known as, careful, tender, well-meaning, considerate, charitable, loving, etc.

5. PATIENT, also known as, forbearing, mild-tempered, composed, tranquil, unruffled, etc.

6. OPEN-MINDED, also known as, tolerant, fair-minded, intelligent, unprejudiced, etc.

7. GENEROUS, also known as, liberal, charitable, altruistic, unselfish, considerate, etc.

8. HELPFUL, also known as, valuable, co-operative, practical, pragmatic, usable, etc.

9. THOUGHTFUL, also known as, meditative, matured, contemplative, introspective, etc.

1o. RESPECTFUL, also known as, showing respect for, valuing, considerate, etc.

Based on the The Respect Scale from the core book, Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle. See books, products, and services.

Kaitlin Ann  Trepanier, The Respect Specialist

April  18, 2016

Raising my Respect Level was a healing process that took years because of the lack of such a device as the Respect Scale and the philosophy presented in Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle books, products, and services. The research, analysis, and development of the core concept empowered me to reclaim the parts of me discarded or oppressed due to lack of approval or support, including writing as a profession, to educate, inspire, and entertain through the establishment of my company … a social business venture, a for-profit business, dedicated to meeting the social need of raising individual and humanity’s Respect Level for the benefit of all people.

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