What Does CRM Mean?

Sweet! I was checking out the London Small Business Centre website just now and to my delight, I discovered they are presenting a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) seminar.

Wow, thanks to God, who timing is always perfect, for leading me to check out the site today because when I called I discovered there is room left for me to attend. The seminar is a win-win-win because it will serve my job search, whoever hires me, and of course, my social business venture!

We have got to keep on learning and growing to raise our Respect Levels because by doing so, we  also raise the quality of our life and of those around us … which further empowers us to enjoy life, no matter what the challenges we are presented with.

And thanks for your patience and loyalty while I have been away doing relocating and other life stuff.

Until next time, as always, respectfully,

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier Writer, Communications, Administration Professional and Respect Specialist

www.therespectprinciple.com ©All Rights Reserved

June 21, 2016







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