Content Writer, Social Business Venture Entrepreneur, Angel Investors’ Contestant, and “The Dragons’ Den Guide to Investor-Ready Business Plans”

As one of the Hawk’s Nest contestants in the past few months, I was fortunate to receive helpful feedback on my social business venture vision and business plan from the evaluation team after my interview.

Though my idea made the second round, part of the strategic plan development meant I had to inform the panel I had decided to move back to the city, which meant I could no longer compete because I was going to be outside of the contest’s containment area.

This impacted my not making the finalists’ list; however, I was offered the opportunity to attend the pitch workshop and to connect with the local development corporation regarding other financial possibilities.

As part of my revised strategic plan, I initially thought the move to London was about getting a traditional administrative job, which I had experienced great success with over the years. However, by not recognizing and pushing my more current writing successes and entrepreneurial achievements, I was selling myself short and God has not been opening those doors for me as He has in the past, but has, in fact, been pushing me towards the writing and entrepreneurial doors.

So, after the analysis and evaluation, I know it is time again to adapt to what is needed next.

The first task is to rewrite my resume, highlighting my recent achievements and successes with writing, my social business venture, as well as, my previous administrative successes. I will continue to apply for jobs, however, only writing opportunities, which are increasingly becoming more important and, as a result, more available because many companies are recognizing they need in-house writers rather than just advertising agencies for special projects.

Second, is the rewriting of a new Executive Summary based on recent events to garner investor support for what I have discovered in book is my social business venture’s “Early Stage” investment stage since I have already proven my business concept (Seed Stage) and started the business (Start-up Stage) with Bootstrap funding, though it was stalled due to parental care needs.

The Hawk’s Nest contest I was in this spring was to provide winners with a $25,000 investment; however, I realize a larger investment will, in fact, reap the fastest turn-around since the core products are already developed and simply need to be delivered, starting this fall. Of course, there is a line-up of additional books, products, and services waiting to be developed when I have the resources and time that a cash investment will also provide.

On that note, it is time to get to work on the new resume, plus the pitch and executive summary, so as always, thanks for stopping by! And best wishes with your own strategic life plan … though, as I am learning, staying flexible and adaptable is key to reaping the benefits of the unexpected!


Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Writer, Social Entrepreneur, and The Respect Specialist.

Copy of the revised, July 3, 2016, Strategic Plan

© All Rights Reserved.  






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