The Wonders a Kind Act Manifests

My story below was written in response to the Facebook post about a mechanic who was going for a job interview, but stopped to help an old man with car trouble, even though his effort made him late for the interview, and the blessing he reaped by his kind act.

Along the same line, here is my story of a considerate act I just did do help someone, which I love to do, so it was not driven by an intention to get something in return, at least not right away or from the same person, yet manifested a similar result.

While out grocery shopping I took the last jar of garlic Mrs. Dash off the shelf and proceeded to the check out. While waiting in line, the customer being checked through asked about garlic and I jumped into the conversation by saying also to the cashier that none was to be found in the produce department, which is why I opted for buying the garlic Mrs. Dash. But since I was also buying Caesar dressing with garlic, I offered the disheartened customer the last garlic Mrs. Dash and I instead bought the original Mrs. Dash. Told the cashier I was new to town, looking for work etc. and the other customer asked what kind of work I was looking for. I gave her my card and she said she would call me this week, which she did on Monday night. She said she was impressed by my kind, thoughtful act. And now, I am meeting with her and her team next week to discover how I can best help her non-profit organization’s administrative and writing needs on a part-time basis.

We often don’t know ahead of time the results our thoughts, words, and actions will create, so it’s one more reason to be sure we put out our best in order to receive the best … with the right intention of not giving to get, but with the knowledge that right actions reap right results … in time and occasionally … right away.


September 7, 2016

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Founder & President

Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle ©All Rights Reserved




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