The Workshop Production, The Filming, and More!

My energy and focus was rebooted for my social business venture, Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle, yesterday by contacting a local theatre and videographers, not just for the business plan being presented to a few grant funders this month, but to set the workshop production and filming of the production for the DVD for this spring that will be presented in autumn 2017!

Grateful to be back on this track and off the many other tracks other people want and expect.

Thanks for diligently coming back and please keep coming because you won’t be disappointed.

As always, respect who you are by being the best you you can be!

October 5th, 2016

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Founder, Artistic Director, & President of Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle  ©All Rights Reserved 2016








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