Your Expertise as Co-Founder/Business Partner

You are looking for a change and a challenge.

You want to be a part of something life-changing … something more than just a job and an income.

Your expertise is closing the deal. Your specialization is familiarity with the education, social support, and the corrective sectors.

You also have a knack with connecting with people very different from you … people of different cultures, belief systems, financial status, social class, etc., and you likely communicate in more than one language.

You also not only enjoy connecting with people, you also have a leader’s heart in you too. In fact, your preferred way of leading is by example.

And you want to be recognized for your unique talents, knowledge, and abilities by becoming an active co-founder/partner in a unique for-profit social business venture dedicated to increasing “Respect Levels” for the benefit of all people by developing and delivering books, products, and services that entertain, educate, and inspire positive change.

The right person, with a cash investment, will secure 30% ownership in the partnership, that will remain a partnership to retain all intellectual property rights until passed on to the planned foundation as part of the exit/succession planning strategy.

This “early stage” company is rebooting after a stall created by parental health care needs.

2017 will be the kick-off year for great things to come, including the workshop production and filming of Charles’ Choice in the early part of 2017 and then the formal, public re-launch September 11th of the concept, core book, play, and DVD for schools, prisons, social support organizations, and communities.

Looking forward to the partnership, the growth, and the opportunity to do good while also being rewarded with self-sufficiency for doing rewarding work on all levels. If you are too, contact me through the blog’s contact form or LinkedIn please and thank you.


Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

Revised November 12, 2016

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Founder, Artistic Director, & President of Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle  ©All Rights Reserved 2016


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