Respect … The Way Back Into Love


When we fall in love, we think our love is unconditional, but most of us discover over time that our love is really more conditional. We have expectations. We have deal-breakers. We have limitations. We discover we are willing to not accept a person totally with all their flaws … which we all have.

Now, as someone who has not made wise choices in the past because of my low Respect Level for myself and for others manifested by  my own experiences, plus shaped and influenced by others experiences and subsequent beliefs,  I now know better. And as Maya Angelou and Oprah used to say, “When we know better, we do better.”

Well, sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t, but at least we become empowered to make different choices when we learn, though sometimes is just a matter of time.

Personally, making different choices that are respectful … demonstrating a higher level of respect and valuation of ourselves and others … has taught me that respect truly is the way back into love … though not just the conditional kind of love most people experience, but the rare gem of unconditional love. The kind of love that empowers us to accept someone completely by acts of love … peace, forgiveness, kindness, acceptance, tolerance, and so much more than most of us are used to experiencing in this world.

Unconditional love is not about us all having to be the same … is not about judging and condemning others … but is about learning to live and let live without malice and inflicting harm. It is about learning to live peacefully with each other, resolving conflicts, and not creating conflict for the sake of creating conflict.

As a result of the Berlin attack the other day, I heard someone say on the radio there is no honour in peace. Now I don’t know where such a belief came from or whom made the statement, but what I do know is making and keeping peace is far more difficult than stirring up prejudice, hate, and violence. As a matter of fact, as the news reveals every day, in this world, it is easy to be negative, selfish, and hateful … to seek to harm one’s self and others.

Of course, there are the majority who may not be inflicting horrors on others, yet their apathy is another form of disrespect … the devaluation of other people … which further supports the notion that conditional love is love.


Raising people’s Respect Levels for their and other people’s lives is key not just to peace, but also key to supporting humanity’s evolution and growth beyond what humanity has yet achieved  … a return to love … the unconditional kind of love that respect leads us all back to when we embrace love and instead of hate.

Some people will say such love is a goal, a vision, a dream, an ideal … even unrealistic … isn’t love worth striving towards every day of our lives … because without love what really would be the point of living? Not a world or life I want to live. You?

Respect … the way back into love.

December 21, 2016


Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Founder/President of Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle … the for-profit social business venture raising Respect Levels with original entertaining, educational, and inspirational books, products, and services  ©All Rights Reserved 2016


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