Disempowering Nightmares

Need to share a little story for anyone who suffers from nightmares as I had since I was a little girl. So violent and scary, they began tormenting me around the age of five when my bedroom was in the basement of our home. The nightmares came and went over time, but by the time I was a young woman, their ferocity woke me occasionally, quite often with tears streaming and occasionally fearful screams.

These and other reasons are why I began psychology studies at York University with the intent to become a psychotherapist because as leading edge psychologist Alice Miller wrote in her book, The Drama of the Gifted Child, “It is often said that psychotherapists suffer from an emotional disturbance … often having a basis in experience that develop a therapist’s sensibility, empathy, responsiveness, and powerful  “antennae” used as a child to fulfill other people’s needs and to repress his own.”

Though I quit my formal university studies, I did not quit my studies … I just continued with them by reading, observing, researching, analyzing, and developing new understanding … which is why and how Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE was created … a logical and practical scientific way of thinking, that when combined with compassion made it more of a philosophy … a principle that could be universally acceptable and feasible to help us overcome our differences and prejudices.

And choosing to recognize everyone as valuable … worthy of respect … has tempered my thoughts and actions towards other people, but no amount of knowledge removed my nightmares or their effects on me until I moved past the logical and practical and considered the spiritual and most importantly for me, reconnected me to God in a positive way.

Now, no matter what nightmares enter my sleep time, when I awake, I have the power and authority to put them in their place and remove any harm they once held over me. This one tool … the peace that Jesus left for us is proving to be the most powerful and effective device I have found to free me from thoughts that tried to keep me small and scared as the little girl I was and when they started to the terrified woman I once was

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

March 15, 2017

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Founder/President of Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle … the for-profit social business venture raising Respect Levels with original entertaining, educational, and inspirational books, products, and services. ©All Rights Reserved 2016


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