CHARLES CHOICE 9/11/2017 STARTSOMEGOOD Crowdfunding Campaign Launch!

Just launched! Watch the video or read the text about CHARLES CHOICE 9/11/2017 on STARTSOMEGOOD to discover the benefits for you and your loved ones in schools, communities, and globally … plus, check out the REWARDS for donations!

You can read the pitch below or click on the link above to watch the video version!

Hello and welcome to the CHARLES’ CHOICE 9/11/2017 STARTSOMEGOOD crowdfunding campaign running from April 22 to May 22, 2017.

First, here’s a little bit about the CHARLES CHOICE 9/11/2017 project we are asking you to help us with …

Charles’ Choice … the book, play and film shares perspectives, sparks dialogue, invites engagement, fuels analysis, presents options, inspires change, and frees potential by educating, while entertaining … because bullies come in all shapes and sizes, from all kinds of backgrounds, with many different beliefs, but the one thing all bullies have in common is their need to dominate other people as their beliefs have taught them to do in order to feel okay about themselves, which is the reason for the 9/11/2017 release and public presentation date.

In contrast to the bullies’ negative, harmful beliefs and actions is the Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle concept presented in one scene of Charles’ Choice. Presenting the logical, practical, and compassionate concept and reasoning with the power to overcome all the prejudices that drive bullies, including terrorists, to act as they do serves as the catalyst for seeing and hearing different people’s reactions to respect as a principle instead of just a discretionary value.

9/11/2017 is not only the public release and formal presentation date of Charles’ Choice, the DVD, and related books, products, and services, the same day is also the launch of the global initiative to raise “Respect Levels” in order to raise the standard of living and quality of life of all people.

Now for a bit about me …

An unconventional solution seldom comes from a conventional mind. To serve as a catalyst for change, one has to look beyond convention and tradition, past their limitations, in order to not only visualize what may be possible, but also to risk the failures, and subsequent ridicule, initiative outside the familiar boxes requires. And to serve as a catalyst for positive change requires even more risk in a world dominated by negative thinking and action … and thats where and why I, my for-profit social business venture, Connecting The Dots With the Respect Principle, and this crowdfunding campaign, CHARLES’ CHOICE 9/11/2017 come in with a fresh perspective and solution to an old and present problem.

You are also invited to visit my blog, plus Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

And to give credit to where credit is due … though I have been blessed with an unusual way of seeing things, it was a cry out to God that set me on this path when I demanded twenty years ago, “If you exist, give me a reason … a purpose for living or take me home!” because I had lost my childhood faith due to my experiences and what tore at my heart every day when I read or heard the news. He answered with a vision of what could be done to help, though the journey from then to now is an uncommon and trying one, but one that also provided the first-hand observations and experience, as well as, the time to study, research, and develop ONE concept with the ability to work for everybody … on humanity’s return to the ultimate concept … love.

Now for a bit about you …

Let’s start by my asking you a few questions …

What if someone brought to you a concept with the power to enable individuals and humanity to overcome all prejudices … religious, political, economic, social, race, sex, etc. in order to increase the standard of living and quality of life of all people?

What if that someone not only had the concept, but also had developed a number of written books, products, and services, had more as works-in-process and planned, plus a for-profit social business venture designed to roll out the concept as a global initiative?

And what if that someone was fluent in targeting different audiences … children, teens, and adults … ranging from middle school to the pop culture audience targeting the global literacy level for individuals and organizations, inclusive of, but not limited to students, abused children, foster care children, orphans, schools, teen shelters, women’s shelters, halfway houses, prisons, communities, community support organizations, governments, and leaders.

Now other than feeling great for your support, check out the REWARDS available to you!

For your information, please note reward costs are to be covered by the Charles’ Choice contingency portion of the production/filming budget.

REWARDS (Donations quoted are in Canadian Dollars)

1. Personal “Thank You” by phone or email, minimum donation $10, unlimited available

2. Tote Bag, minimum donation $25.00, only 100 available

3. T-Shirt, minimum donation $50.00, only 50 available

4. Tote Bag and T-Shirt, minimum donation $100.00, only 50 available

5. Signed Tote Bag and Book, minimum donation $250.00, only 25 available

6. Signed Play Book and DVD, minimum donation $500.00, only 25 available

7. Name on DVD/film credits, minimum donation $1000.00, only 10 available

8. VIP invitation to 9/11/2017 public release/presentation, minimum donation $2500.00, only 3 available

9. 35 copies of the Book, Play, and DVD for classroom study, minimum donation $5000.00, only 3 available

10. Website and DVD/Film Credits, minimum donation $10000.00, unlimited

Sweet, eh? Okay, so let’s review …

Charles’ Choice is the book, play, and film introducing the Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle concept to individuals, schools and communities that can select whether to show the filmed version of the minimalist play or to present a live version supported by a thorough production guide in the book, Charles’ Choice.

The play itself is about a principal’s dilemma of how to handle a crisis that has not been averted with the approved methodologies, his alternate choice, and the consequences seen through several audience members’ eyes. 35-40 minutes long.

The play is in final stages of preparation for upcoming production and filming. The book is to be sold complete with director’s notes for production in school gymnasiums, community and church halls, etc. so anyone or group (no drama clubs, theatre, or actors necessary) can present the concept to its community. All that is really necessary are people passionate about respect for all and their desire to ramp up the “Respect Level” in their relationships, school, and community.

To get a feel for what the Charles’ Choice offers, check out the scene, The Runt

“Do you believe what they just made us sit through!” the tall, lean youth spewed as he burst through the school doors.

Silently, with head down, another youth slipped quietly through the doors in his friend’s footsteps.

“What was the point of forcing us to come to listen to some person tell stories and then talk about them. Man, I’ve got better things to be doing other than this …”

“Stuff.” the quiet youth said softly, breaking his silence since he had heard the person tell the story.

“What?” the tall boy spat as he cuffed his friend gruffly on the side of the head.

“Knock it off,” the shorter boy said softly.

“What’s with you?” the older boy teased, as he again reached over to cuff the younger and shorter boy.

“KNOCK IT OFF STEWART!” The younger boy stated firmly as he dodged the other boy’s reach.

“What IS with you Graham?   That stuff didn’t get to you, did it?  You didn’t fall for that stuff, did ya?  Jeez, that’s what they want, you twit!”

“Don’t call me a twit Stewart. And yeah, it got to me.  Damn right it did.  I’m tired of you and everyone else picking on me, telling me what to do, hitting me all the time.  Yeah, damn right it got to me Stewart.  I’ve had enough and I’m gonna change the way I let people treat me – starting with you!”

Stewart stopped in his tracks and grimaced at his friend, “You don’t say, Runt! And just how are you gonna stop me?” he asked, as he moved in and started jumping in and around Graham, his arms outstretched, teasingly ready to cuff and jab at the smaller boy.

“Stop Stewart,” Graham stated as he looked at his friend with a stern gaze.

“Why, what are you gonna do? Hit me?  Come on.  Come on.”

Graham looked at his friend – his tall lean frame, his mischievous smile and his prancing feet. “Well, I’ve just realized Stewart, that I have a choice.  Just like you.”

Stewart just kept prancing around his friend with mock jabs and arm swings, with his grin pasted on his face, like a Cheshire cat’s. “You don’t say Squirt!”

“Yeah, I do. IF you want to be my friend, you can do as I ask and knock it off.  Or not.  But if you don’t stop, then I’m not interested in being your friend.  I don’t like being around people who make me feel bad about myself.  I get enough of that at home..”

“But Graham, man, I’m just kiddin’ with ya.”

“No, you’re not Stewart, and even if you are, I don’t want any more of it. Make your choice Stewart, then I’ll make mine…”


NOTE: Please respect the fact that all rights of this play and intellectual capital are reserved by Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle company and me, the author, founder, and president.

As for the team? Ah, let me tell you, I’m so excited as I hope you are about the people coming together to make the play’s production and filming ready for the 9/11/2017 release, public presentation, and global initiative launch!

My referrers, Lindy, Laura, Roseanne, and Sylvia, all of whom I’ve known for 20, 30, and 40 years respectively, know not only me, but my ongoing determination and commitment to this project, CHARLES’ CHOICE 9/11/2017, the bigger project, my for-profit social business venture to disseminate the Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle global initiative, the Spirit Ranch vision, a home and school for teens alone or struggling with the traditional education or foster care system, and of course, the legacy of the Foundation to be established and carry on with the work until the need disappears.

However, by reading the production and filming budget for this fundraising campaign, you will discover how many people are needed yet to climb on board for the CHARLES’ CHOICE 9/11/2017 project and public launch … though we need you to make it happen!

So now, we are back to you again …

Ready! Help change the world for the better by raising “Respect Levels?”

Set! Do what you can to help make a positive difference because everyone matters?

Go! Give what you can or share this with those who can

Simply follow the STARTSOMEGOOD prompts @

From all of those who need more respect in their lives, thank you!

Respectfully and Gratefully,

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

April 24, 2017


Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Founder/President of Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle … the for-profit social business venture raising Respect Levels with original entertaining, educational, and inspirational books, products, and services. ©All Rights Reserved 2016



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