PART 3 of About Kaitlin Ann Trepanier … The Experience



Performance history demonstrates a natural aptitude for numbers, logistics, analysis, organization, problem solving, best practices development, supported by a deep compassion for all people and life, enriched by an inherent leadership drive, a high energy level and innovative creativity, all of which resulted in my early successes and challenges, even without any formal education beyond grade school until my late twenties that continues still.

  • At age 17, in southern Ontario, after dropping out in the middle of grade ten to marry at age 16, without being pregnant, who unfortunately was severely physically abusive, and looking for work, I was reinstated by a union in a plastics factory for wrongful dismissal after leaving my post due to a physical injury on the production line. Quit job once reinstated though because I did not want to continue working for someone who fired me erroneously and had to rehire me. Also discovered working in a union environment restrictive to someone like me, who is now aware of my out-of-the-box thinking character and as someone driven to help others. Moved to southwestern Ontario. Briefly worked as waitress on early morning shift, but did not like the inappropriate touching behavior of clientele. Hired by an abbatoir to wrap custom orders and to serve the public with retail service, during 2 ½ year period
  • By age 19, in southwestern Ontario, initially hired as team member to set up new department store. Became women’s department manager, then promoted to assistant store manager, overseeing staff, merchandising seasonal products and specials, while also trained as relief for office clerk, handling sales income, doing payroll, and bank deposits. Opened and closed store. Employed for 2 ½ years, however staged a walkout against the sexual harassment acts of the chain’s area supervisor against a number of female employees because nothing was being done about it. Remarried
  • At age 22, hired as a part-time cashier at a grocery store, but within months of new management takeover, was hired full time, promoted to head cashier, and became office manager where I remained for 7 years. First experience recruiting, training, scheduling, and managing teen and adult cashiers. Wrote policies and procedures manual. Opened store and safe, prepared cash floats, balanced cash, reported sales, delivered bank deposits, processed customer accounts receivables and account payables. Worked with security regarding shoplifters and worked with accountant for year-end reporting. Assisted with set up of new store, plus installation of scanner system. Liaised with wholesale head office. Merchandised seasonal products and co-painted seasonal artwork on store windows.
  • Age 29, encouraged by successes and mentors, wrote the Grade 12 equivalency exam in order to be accepted into a London college. As a student, ran and was voted in as student council treasurer and school newsletter editor. Board game creation lead/team member. Graduated Business Administration, Honours, and was selected by faculty for the “Outstanding Student Cooperation” scholarship award. Relocated to Toronto to join husband who had transferred
  • Age 31, relocated to Toronto. Recruited by the Canadian head office of an international company through an agency for the financial planning department team. Assisted with five-year and annual business plan, developed spreadsheets for product group forecasting employing using database download process, monitored and reported on monthly capital expenditures. Recruited a year later to operations planning as monthly production planner and daily liaison for national contractors. Trained contractor staff in British Columbia on using Levi’s database to update production numbers. Audited contractor inventory counts in Quebec. Trained additional contractor planner. Received “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” recognition for my initiative in proposing, developing, testing, and co-training staff on new spreadsheet tool that reduced the monthly planning cycle by forty hours per month. Served as a “fit test” model for company products. After 5 years in operations, recruited by human resources to assist the salary and budget manager, Served as secretary of the job grading team, managed the employee recognitions program, processed the executive expense reports, assisted the head office and factory human resources assistants with HRIS, a human resources database system. Additionally, during 7-year employment for 6 years served voluntarily as the treasurer for the company’s community involvement (CIT) that hosted special events and awarded corporate dollars to community organizations where the owned and operated facilities were located in Canada. The company’s employee assistance program, additionally enabled me to work with a psychologist for a year and half to resolve abuse and assault experiences from my childhood and teen years
  • Age 37, inspired by experience with psychologist, enrolled part-time in York University to acquire a Ph.D. in psychology.
  • Age 38, left Levi’s to attend university full time. Re-discovered my passion to write. Left university and wrote forty short stories, almost seven hundred poems, my first book, became published, including professionally, and received offer for publication of my book. Inspired by Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, hosted and facilitated an “Artist Circle”
  • 4 years as a merchandiser for souvenir company’s Toronto key accounts three days a week. Later hired full time as member of the inventory control team and warehouse’s souvenir assembly team in preparation for the 1996 Olympic merchandise contract
  • A divorce at age 42 altered my circumstances and revised my writing career plans substantially
  • Between 42 and 62. Stopped writing a few years after my divorce and redirected focus to visual arts. Returned to school for design, communication, and visual arts, plus worked in a number of part-time, contract, temporary, and volunteer roles listed below, while doing experiential field research, because of my financial situation, and continued with studies inspired by York University studies, plus self-directed studies and research though I did not return to writing until 2007.
  • 4 years as storefront manager/saleswoman for an art and framing gallery. Evening and weekend storefront manager, merchandised over 400 framed artworks, sold artwork and framing, accounts receivable, bank deposits, customer account service, hosted “Meet the Artist” events, one of which was Robert Bateman. Assisted framer with assembly of artwork. Hired and trained support staff. Additionally turned professional as an artist, before taking art courses, as an exhibiting artist and in part as a member of a self-employment initiative that provided business planning training for self-employment. Created and sold artwork, participated and won inclusion in juried exhibitions, including commissioned artworks, displayed artwork in gallery, plus arranged exhibitions in public places and businesses, under my company’s name, Kaitlin Ann Originals until I discovered working with paints, etc. full time was not good for my health. Now do 3-4 pieces a year as facilities allow
  • 1 ½ years as a front desk manager for an inn. Evening and weekends managed front desk, booked accommodations, processed check-ins, supervised weekend cleaners and assisted when necessary. Assisted with inn expansion.
  • 2 years as a driver for family, plus served as barn worker and horse groom for family’s horse business
  • 2 years performed in Ontario schools as an eight-foot puppet for kindergarten to middle school students and served as roadie/crew
  • Worked with director after selling a workshop/play to a Catholic middle and high school
  • Over the course of 2 years, drove a school bus and nannied a girl and then two boys on the drug Ritalin
  • Other additional volunteer roles over the years included tutoring a grade five student through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto and their partnership program with the JUMP Math program that contributed to the student ‘s achievement of “Best Improved” award at graduation, served as barn worker, horse groom,, and horse leader/walker for CARD, a riding facility for all ages with physical and other disabilities, and also did one day events that included face painting, cruising at a youth dance, and generally helping out for special events
  • Resumed writing regularly in 2007 though in response to the increasing news about bullying in schools and communities, I wrote the short story, Charles’ Choice, now a play to be produced and filmed for a DVD release, and recorded the CD in a studio. The first writing I did in 2007 was in response to a Toronto contest adjudicated by a York University professor, for which I was awarded Honorable Mention. From then on, writing took centre stage again in my life and I wrote the first version of what is now called Connecting The Dots With the Respect Principle, though at the time the concept was called, It Is All About Respect. Even registered the concept as a non-profit corporation with the goal to raise funds to do the work, but closed the organization a few years later, though have since decide to continue with the work, but as a for-profit sole proprietorship and eventually a partnership in order to retain all rights of intellectual property and to manage the profits in accordance to the social business ventures goals, not to please a board and shareholders, who are more likely to focus solely on profit and dividends, as people such as Steve Jobs and many others have discovered the hard way
  • Public speaking experience through Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie, plus by facilitating training to groups, creating and delivering talks, seminars, and workshops
  • In 2013, recognized by November National Novel Writing Month challenge for successfully completing the writing a 50,000 word novel in a month or less (did in 3 weeks)
  • Launched and write a Word Press blog. Initially known as the blog has been renamed as Have a global following of over 70 countries and have an active social media following
  • Discovered Smashwords ebook publishing platform, studied online manuals, registered ISBN with Library Archives Canada, and uploaded several of writing works as publisher also. converts author’s manuscripts into formats readable by other ebook retailers as well as selling the ebooks through their site. Currently books available are listed under BOOKS on this blog site and include books for children as well as adults.. In 2017, secured ITIN from USA’s IRS.
  • Now, it is full steam ahead with the social business venture, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle, locally and globally. Visit this blog’s page, About The Company, to learn more!
  • And, of course, you are invited to visit to read Smashwords‘ interview of this author, plus to discover the world of ebooks available to you, including a few from me.

And of course, I thank God for all He has given me because I realize now how He has turned what was meant for harm into good enabling me to be a blessing to others also so it’s a win win win!

Thanks and best wishes to you and the pursuit of your dreams!

Revised June 14, 2017

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Founder/President of Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle … the for-profit social business venture raising Respect Levels with original entertaining, educational, and inspirational books, products, and services. ©All Rights Reserved


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