Custom Artwork Created for You!

If you have a space you want to fill with a custom, unique “relief” artwork, let’s discuss size, space, colors, ideas, and of course, price.

I guarantee custom orders because if the result is not to your liking, it will be to someone else’s liking because I have learned I can always sell the artwork … so it’s a win win win!

Artworks are not limited by size as I enjoy working on large-scale pieces, proven also by the fact my latest artworks for sale were cut off an 18 inch by 6 foot original artwork.

See the page “Artworks for Sale” for examples.

Thanks for your interest and patronage!


Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

PRESIDENT   FOUNDER   AUTHOR   SPEAKER   ARTIST   KAITLIN ANN TREPANIER Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle … the for-profit social business venture raising Respect Levels with original entertaining, educational, and inspirational books, products, and services. ©All Rights Reserved 2015


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