One for Love!

I am delighted when love wins over fear, doubt, and darkness, especially as we grow older and experience how bad love can turn or the losses that are incurred when one is bold enough to say yes to love.

The woman, my manager for five years when I worked corporate many, many moons ago, was delighted when her partner surprised her at their “new home” party on the weekend with the proposal and the ring.

Life can beat the romance out of us, can even jade us to the point of loneliness for not just the fear, but the knowledge that loss will come for letting love in, especially as we grow older and more aware of the fact everyone dies.

But then, maybe that is the reason I applaud and admire Shane and Roseanne for their bold decision not just to quietly embrace love, but to publicly declare their love with an engagement and marriage, though probably not a baby carriage to follow, as being a grandmother fills that space now.

Congratulations Shane and Roseanne! May your lives together be filled with much love, laughter, and joy, plus your sorrows few and shared.


Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

August 31, 2017




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