Find Your Role Models … Here’s Another of Mine

From Brendan Gill’s 1996 book, Late Bloomers, published by Artisan, a division of Workman Publishing Company, Inc., page 84 regarding Daniel Defoe …

“It is rare for businessmen to be writers, still rarer for them to be writers of fiction, and rarest of all — indeed, almost unprecedented for them to write novels capable of winning a place among the greatest ever written, Daniel Defoe achieved this distinction late in life, after having oscillated continuously between success and failure, between the threat of debtors’ prison, and the company of kings in the course of pursuing half a dozen commercial careers.”

I continue to look up to what is possible as I work towards goals manifested by my role models believing my goals are possible too as I work towards them every day.

What about you?


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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September 27, 2017


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