Jealousy Revealed By Role Models

When I was not acknowledging and pursuing what I really wanted to do , I was jealous.

Jealous because, often secretly, but not always, I knew I could do an equal or even better job than those I was jealous of as I watched their successes unfold.

Of course, it took me awhile to realize that what I wanted to do, to be who I truly was underneath the stuff I did to please other people and to conform, was my ability to not be jealous and my ability to make the choices that were right for me.

Getting my own life on the track I wanted it to be on has not been easy and has, in fact, been more difficult because of how far off the track I became trying to make people happy. Funny thing is, they never were never satisfied or happy anyway. Their expectations and wants were like leaves blowing in the wind and so much depended on the wind … forces out of their control.

Would I make the transition again if I could do it all over again?

Yes, but more importantly, the big part of me that has always wanted to help people, is now better at helping people because of two things … sharing my story, plus providing the inspiration to not do what so many of us have done … lose our dreams and our identities … because the price individuals and all those they impact pay is high.

The price paid impacts negatively the quality of our health, happiness, success, resilience, and compassion.

The price paid creates small, limited thinking often accompanied by hurtful words and actions.

The price paid is self-destructive.

And destructive to others.

So, take a moment or two or however much time you need to examine who or what you are jealous of and then take the steps to get off that treadmill and walk your own path.

For yourself and everyone else, this will be your grand gesture of respect and love.

And you are worth it.

So do it!



Founder President Author Speaker Artist

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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