A WARNING, Particularly for Anyone with Grey Hair

A WARNING, particularly for anyone with grey hair.
At 6 pm last night just outside the Keswick Walmart two teenage girls, about my two nieces’ ages, felt compelled to be mischievous and swarmed me before running off into a small dark sedan laughing hilariously.
After exiting Walmart, I had just passed two men who were walking slow, laden down with parcels. One of the men was talking rather slow and awkward so I gave them a wide space as I passed them.
Moments later, I heard thundering running footsteps behind me and the two teenage girls closed in on each side of me, one brushing my left side before they both ran quickly to their cars, though the girl on the left turned back and looked at me laughingly, so I have her description, though it was dark and I didn’t get the make of the car or the license plate.
Fortunately, my new belief that God is my shield and keeps me from harm, kept fear at bay. In fact, they are lucky I didn’t deck one of them or both of them with the five pounds of frozen fish I was carrying.
But even before my belief, I’ve lived and walked a lot in the GTA, Etobicoke to Oshawa, long enough to pay attention and act as needed. Have even been swarmed by a group of boys in an Oshawa grocery store parking lot, in broad daylight. And while living in Kincardine, where I had to walk by the high school, I was repeatedly challenged by the high school students, whose entertainment was playing chicken on the sidewalk with me, with the intent to make me have to go off the sidewalk and go around them … which I refused to do.
Problem for me has been I’ve had such a low “Respect Level” for myself, I did not report any of the incidences, which I realize I should have done for myself, for anyone else the youths are intimidating, and for the youths themselves because they could one time challenge the wrong person and pay dearly, even with their lives.
The women at Tai Chi last night reminded me someone could also have a heart attack by the surprise of the aggressive act … again since I am used to being treated aggressively over the years, I am no longer surprised, but used to standing up to it, in not the best way to protect myself either, but I realize God’s had my back so many times throughout my life when I have been in danger, even grave danger. From that perspective, it was also good that I, versus another more vulnerable person, was targeted,
Anyway,this morning, the woman at the York Regional police desk told me I should have gone back into Walmart and talked with their security, plus called the police so they could have acted quickly, but since I did not, I am writing and sharing this with you, plus I also informed all the Tai Chi participants, as well as the Club 55 staff, and next I will inform the Walmart store too.
Just another reason for raising “Respect Levels.”
Be safe by being aware and doing the right, respectful things!


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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December 14, 2017

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