Thank You … Curator, Art History Teacher, Friends, and Family

Grateful to all the “likes” from family and friends, plus from my George Brown College art history teacher and the Georgian Arts Centre and Gallery curator.
I am grateful too for what I was able to create with a left over piece of plywood, 21″ x 72″ and a small can of unused wood stain, dollar store acrylic paint, and clear acrylic.
Initially the work was created on the one board, but when done I could see the pieces separately and cut the work into sections.
Two smaller pieces I named, Bronzed Gold #1 and #2, found homes into the two identical Bombay company frames someone had discarded on the side of the road during a yard sale.
The larger piece I later named, Conception, because of what I see in the painting … my pregnant form as a creator of artworks … was custom framed for the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery’s “It’s About Me” juried art exhibition that I won third prize for last week.
A few small pieces remain and one day will be framed also.
Currently on display for sale at Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery, the two small pieces are $275.00 each or both for $450, while the larger piece and winner is $1750.00.
I look forward to the day when I have my own studio to work in year round as well as the materials to create the colorful as well as monocromatic pieces, plus finish the 36 x 48″ piece “Autumn Dancers” I have started, but had to stop when the weather turned cold, and all the other works just waiting for the right time and place to be born … because then I will be able to create enough artworks for solo exhibitions again!
Once again though, thank you for your enthusiastic “likes” and kind words.
Conception in GAC&G Third Prize Winner
In the meantime, it’s back to creating with words! Only 3 days left to finish the next book for its upload date! Details to follow!



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