What February 2016 Did to My Love of Winter

Keswick, Canada -24 C with wind chill -30s
Mendocino, California 16 C
In the winter of 2016 in Kincardine, when I had no car or use of a car to drive because Dad had passed the year before, every day in the month of February, the temperature was consistently in the low 30’s C with wind chills in the high 30’s and 40’s. I had to wear two layers of clothing and my warm winter boots had seen their last days, so I was wearing heavy rubber boots with two pairs of socks. Still barely warm enough and the weight of the clothes so heavy that February 2016 became my worst winter experience ever, made worse as I watched cars drive by me as I trudged along.
Even the frostbite on my nose from one last ski run at Collingwood many years ago does not come close to what that month did to my love of winter.
And for an example of how much I loved the winter, even with the experiences/challenges my life was putting me through after my divorce when I was living in Oshawa and Etobicoke, I even rode my bike in the snow with relish and a sense of adventure!
But now, this “Nature Baby,” who has to be outdoors for the fresh air, no longer wants to go outside … and it is not good for my health and well-being … hence, the even stronger desire for moving to Mendocino County … good for the company, for the people the company will employ, for the customers we will serve, and for my health, mental and physical.
Whatever winter is for you, please keep everyone, including your animals, well protected, safe, warm, and loved!
P.S. Thank you to all those who work outdoors for our care and safety!



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January 5, 2018

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