Why My Company Needs to Be in the USA and What Can You Do to Help

Discovering some time ago California contains the wealthiest and the poorest motivated me to plan to make California my company’s home base in order to help make the required changes there that could then be rolled out in the rest of the US and then globally.

This new update from Angus Deaton in the New York Times January 25, 2017, about the United States quality of life for several million people reaffirms the decision to relocate to California’s north coast is still the best decision to achieve the desired results as is the target for moving there this spring.

Anything you can do to help me help them will be greatly appreciated, not just by me, but for those who need to better understand why and how they can help the impoverished because the results will also increase their quality of life … as well as of the impoverished they share their state and country with.

Thank you for your compassion and respect for all life and what you can do to help create the needed positive, respectful changes … because everyone matters.



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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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