As Albert Einstein Knew, Imagination, the Ability to Conceive a Non-Existent Idea to Create and Innovate is Key to …

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

As Albert Einstein knew and said imagination is key.

Dr. George Land knew this too as does NASA.

In fact, the ability to imagine … to conceive a non-existent idea to create, innovate, and problem solve empowers humanity to develop, grow, and change.

And it will take imagination of the individual and the masses to “Connect The Dots With The Respect Principle” to comprehend the benefits of recognizing all life as valuable … worthy of respect simply for being a life … and then making the required changes to beliefs, thoughts, and actions in order to catapult humanity to a new level of evolution.


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

©All Rights Reserved 2015

January 30, 2018


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