“Broken People Break People” and What We Can Choose to Do to Minimize the Breaking Legacy …

Canada’s latest alleged serial killer … click link below


What science is learning about brains and future behavior … click link below


And what my study, research, and experiences revealed …

“No one likes to think of one’s self as broken, but since we disrespecting, devaluing others still dominates our world, even as a source of entertainment, recognition of our own unique brokenness, whatever degree it is, opens the door to healing, restoration, and healthy, positive, life-affirming choices.” 

Quoted from Kaitlin Ann Trepanier’s book in process, Broken People Break People.

Learn more about Kaitlin’s logical, practical and compassionate concept “Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle” designed to transform respect from a discretionary value to a global principle … because everyone matters … and when he or she believes they are valuable … worthy of respect too, carrying through on any harmful impulses will be able to be managed as any addiction can be … yet, as with all addictions to be broken, the person has to to want to … and a person will want to when he or she values his or her own life enough to fight for a good life.


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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February 1, 2018





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