“The Most Important Factor in a Relationship is Not Communication, But Respect”

As an author and creative myself, I don’t want to infringe on another’s copyright, but the thing is, in this case, I visited Mark Manson’s site to read his original article, but frankly, though I appreciate the wisdom shared about long-lasting healthy relationships, as creator of the “Respect Scale” as part of my concept, book, company, and global initiative, I had a lot to learn about respect also.

As a result of what I have learned and embraced, I am put off reading Mark’s article because of the title of his book. The reason is a higher “Respect Level” translates into not using profanity or other means to put down other people, but to live and let live without judgment and/or condemnation.

On that note, because of the disrespect I received and therefore dished out until I learned new ways to interact with people, I’m going to share Justin Brown’s post instead and let people choose which author’s article they prefer to read because overall, I do find the insights and wisdom helpful as I work on further developing my relationship skills.

Click below to read Justin Brown’s article and click inside the article to go to Mark Manson’s version.


Thanks for writing and sharing Justin and Mark.

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February 8, 2018


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