The Day After Valentine’s Day … 10 Things to Ponder

The day after Valentine’s Day, people have posted images of the cards, the flowers, and the trinkets received yesterday.

But as many of us know, there is the other side of love many of us have experienced …

  1. There is the pain of rejection when someone we love does not love us in return.
  2. There is the loss of innocence when we realize love does not always overcome our differences.
  3. There is the loss of what could have been when we realize we want separate things in life.
  4. There is despair when we realize people love us conditionally.
  5. There is anger, sadness, grief, and even hate when love turns against us.
  6. There is resentment and maybe even a desire for vengeance with the betrayal of trust and of the commitment.
  7. There is deep sorrow with both a divorce and with a death of a loved one.
  8. There is sorrow for a short or a long time together.
  9. There is regret for not learning to love unconditionally.
  10. There is the emptiness of never feeling loved.

Hopefully, our joys are greater than the sorrows.

Wishing you respect and love, to give and to receive … because without respect, love and its loss, hurts much more.



February 15, 2018


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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