Nowhere Else But Where the Heart Calls Home Satisfies

How does someone know a place they have never been is home? I imagine I am no different than the millions of others who left their familiar place because their hearts beckoned them to find their own home.

I have been blessed to have co-owned two homes. The first in my twenties on the Great Lakes country shore of Lake Huron, which my husband, Dad, brother, friends, (Thank you all!) and I gutted, rewired, raised two cement blocks, added a five hundred square foot addition, resided with cedar siding, build two large decks, and a work shed. The second home was a suburban home in Pickering that only required a second-story deck and multi-level landscaping that my husband and I did ourselves.

Lovely as they were and he was, I never felt at home because I have discovered I was searching for something not yet found, until we did a two-week driving tour of California. I fell in love with California on sight. Over twenty-five years later, I still feel the same way and know where my third and permanent home will be … here on California’s north coast in Mendocino County,

And as an entrepreneur with a growing company with an international market, I know I have much to contribute to my new home and community. I look forward to really feeling connected and settled in my home and community as many of my family and friends feel in theirs. Now I better understand their ties to their homes and their roots in their communities.

Just waiting on God and his timing, but in the meantime, videos such as this make my heart and spirit soar!

Thank you for sharing Mendocino County!

February 16, 2018

Their response to my Facebook share …

Visit Mendocino CountyThis is a story many of us here can relate to. Mendocino calls in a way that is difficult to ignore – and so many of us start as visitors, only to eventually become residents. Thank you for sharing, and we look forward to welcoming you as a neighbor and friend in the future!”

February 16, 2018

And my response to their response …

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier Oh thank you for your kind and encouraging response future neighbors and friends! And nice to know many of you understand too. I’m so excited about my new home and now the friendly people too!

February 17, 2018


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