Albert Einstein’s Perspective On Our Education Model and A Personal Example

I began as an “A” student because of abilities and passion for learning, but the learning and social environment of our factory school model, plus other mitigating factors, transformed me into a “D” student, mostly by absenteeism by grade nine and a drop out in grade ten.
Fortunately my drive to learn pushed me to acquire my GED, earn Honors in Business Administration at age thirty, compelled me to attend York University in my late thirties … but again the environment was not the best for me. so I just continued my studies on my own.
In my forties, I began Design and Communication Arts studies at Durham College and switched to Visual Art studies when I moved from Oshawa to Etobicoke. I still have two courses to take before receiving my diploma, but then again, I was selling visual art before taking any school courses, plus I had been merchandising product for retailers since my late teens.
And my education continues as I primarily read non-fiction to satisfy both my personal and professional goals, including as an social entrepreneur who founded a company to transform respect from a discretionary value to a global principle, based on the belief everyone matters.
So stupid, I learned, I was/am not … just a person with a different learning style, preference, and perspective.
Thanks to people like Albert Einstein … one of my key role models … for helping me to understand and embrace all of who I am.


Visionary, Human Condition  Innovator, Social Scientist, Author, Artist, Founder, & Entrepreneur

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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March 31, 2018


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