Since Knowledge Is Power, Why Would Anyone, Including Ontario Candidate Doug Ford, Want To Take It Away From Children?

While listening to radio chatter the other day about the upcoming provincial election, the one thing that grabbed my attention was Doug Ford’s comment he would eradicate the new sex education curriculum installed by Liberal Kathleen Wynne.

Now, personally I am a Liberal because I believe in progression and taking all people into consideration and ensuring fairness, especially for those less fortunate. I don’t believe in tradition for the the sake of tradition alone because a lot of things traditionally have empowered some people  to harm others and to get away with inflicting that harm … on  vulnerable people with intellectual disabilities, impoverished people, women, some men, teens, children, ethnic people, people with visible differences, people in subordinate positions, people with different beliefs, etc.

Therefore, as someone sexually abused, bullied, beaten physically and psychologically as a child, teen, and adult, plus manipulated by tradition to respect my elders and say nothing, I applauded Wynne’s efforts to provide children and teens the knowledge about what sex is, when it’s appropriate, and how to be able to stand up against anyone … another child, teen, or adult … who tries to do something to them they do not want.

Yes, it’s awkward talking about sex, but it is more awkward talking about the after effects of being sexually engaged without consent when no one wants to talk about sex.

Yes, the subject may seem inappropriate to some religious beliefs, but one must question if one’s religious beliefs allow children to be taken advantage of and harmed, is it not more beneficial to the child to have the sex education knowledge and be safe and later for them to learn about and choose their own beliefs when they are capable of making their own religious/spiritual choices.

Children are enraptured by what they are told is off limits. Yet children’s curiosity is satisfied by the facts of what is happening to their bodies and what sex is, confirmed by the results some cultures are discovering when children are educated. Interestingly enough, once their curiosity is satisfied, they leave the subject of sex alone until they are ready to explore further at a later age.

Imagine the possibilities … less child pornography, less children and teens sexually abused, less children and teens being trafficked, less children psychologically damaged and passing on their damage to others, less children with sexually transmitted diseases, less unwanted pregnancies, etc.

Imagine all the money and resources that can be saved from not having to save, care for, heal, and restore all those broken by the lack of empowerment because of the lack of knowledge about sex.

Yes, I know the Liberal Party has other issues to tackle, such as hydro’s catastrophic rates that are forcing people to choose between rent, food, and heat, etc., but in comparison to all the other issues, always, my first priority is protecting and saving the children.

What is your priority?

May 10, 2018


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