“4000 Canadians COMMIT SUICIDE Every Year”

“According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, 4000 Canadians die by suicide each year.” Georgina Advocate, Thursday June 7, 2018

Recently, a young woman’s body was discovered on a public school ground. Her body was positioned sitting serenely against a school fence. Unfortunately, a nine-year old boy discovered her.

In this week’s local paper, the Georgina Advocate, the front page picture revealed a cascade of balloons being released over the water for Lydia Tranter’s memorial.

In the article, people talked about how much she laughed and how friendly she was, but appearances, as always can be deceiving.



Personally I have known both highly extroverted and introverted people who talked about suicide, indirectly and not, some who attempted, and sadly those who successfully used suicide as a way out of circumstances they could not see a way out of.

Fortunately, I have been fortunate to even stop a few such incidents, though I did fail with one, but as a psychiatrist once told me about someone I was trying to help, if someone truly wants to commit suicide he or she will succeed.

So, the answer is we have to help people not want to commit suicide before the choice becomes the only one she or he sees.

There are many signs, including a sense of hopelessness and despair, of which I know quite a bit about. However, I am one of the fortunate ones because, ironically, the large ego I developed to cope with a series of traumatic events, helped me to walk, sometimes even run away from people and circumstances I could not deal with or change and made me feel worse about myself than I already did.

The result from both the traumas and the constant  leaving people however created a very lonely life.

For me, the healing came, not from medication though to each their own, but first from learning about others who had gone through what I had or who studied the impact such experiences have on people.

What I learned inspired me to search for an answer that would diminish and even prevent people from not just harming themselves, but also from not realizing their potential, which also leads to a sense of unfulfillment and depression.

I realized, that if I could break the negative hold my experiences manifested, other people could also develop the ability to respect themselves highly enough and would be empowered to forge ahead, get the help they need, and would also be respectful and compassionate enough to help other people, as well as, not inflict unnecessary harm.

For me, the ultimate salve for the pain and the loneliness though has been through opening myself up spiritually. Exploring many different beliefs from new age to Buddhism and many others helped, but did not satisfy as did reading an amplified Bible and developing a relationship with God which has surprisingly filled me with what I have hungered for all of my life.

Regardless of what you or someone you know believes now, there is much to learn about how wonderfully beautiful and unique each of us is and how capable we truly are if we let go of limiting, negative mindsets that tell us we have to be something or someone we are not.

Get the help you need. Or be the encouragement someone else needs.

You matter … We all matter … simply for being a life … for being here … for being who we are.

My condolences to Lydia’s and anyone’s loved ones whose life was cut short by not feeling they were enough.

Respectfully and with love,


Human/Animal Rights Activist Social Scientist Founder Entrepreneur Author Artist

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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