HEALTH and WELLNESS … Past, Present, and Future

The last years with Dad, participating in clinical trials/medical studies, getting baseline blood work by an endocrinologist, and my quest to stay strong and healthy are teaching me the changes I need to make to continue living as a healthy person not requiring any medications.
Sure, it would be nice if we didn’t have to change our eating habits, but if we don’t the body reacts in ways we won’t like. I think of Dad and how he needed to make changes, but his habits were so ingrained and it seemed cruel also to force the changes on him that he didn’t understand or want.
I’ve seen so many other people too not changing and my heart goes out to them and the other challenges they face by not making the required changes for a healthy longevity. I’ve seen the debilitating and sad consequences in retirement and long-term care homes being with Dad during his last three years.
I still have work to do, but I did quit smoking and drinking coffee over twenty years ago. And interestingly enough, I have not had to take much medication since then.
Of course, there are other factors that helped, mostly my learning about what works best for me and my growing “Respect Level” to keep learning and adapting. I’m successfully decreasing my sugar and gluten addiction, both of which are detrimental to my body, however, I am grateful I have never had the addictions of drugs and alcohol. Not because of a sense of superiority, but because in my teens, I learned by experience what can happen to a girl when she no longer has her wits about her and will be taken advantage of by predators waiting for such opportunities.
On a more positive note, now that my energy level is being restored by a better balance of rest and nutrition, I am able to enjoy cycling again rather than just cycling just because I have to because I don’t have my own car again … yet ; – )
Dear readers, whatever you are doing this weekend/week, I hope part of your time is spent taking good care of you too. And if you already are, bravo for being a good example!
Kaitlin Ann Trepanier
June 24, 2018


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