No matter who they are in our lives, mean people hurt us until we learn they are broken people who need help. This does not mean they will want our help, but it does mean we learn not to retaliate in kind, but to find safe, respectful ways to respond and if necessary to leave, especially if we are at risk of personal harm to ourselves or others.

In the bigger picture of life, broken people often take on leadership roles.

Regardless of their audience, broken people seek to break other people, consciously or not, by devaluing, controlling, dehumanizing. ignoring, or even discarding them in any ways they can get away with. And since there are different degrees of being broken, people less broken or broken in different ways, may not recognize the brokenness or if they do, are broken enough to not be motivated to step in and stop the breaking being done … but that apathy can be countered by raising awareness, fostering growth, and facilitating healing.

In Taylor Swift’s following song and video, one line sums up a broken person’s reality,  “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

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July 17, 2017

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