A Sunday Thought … BE KIND and DON’T AVOID Those Who Don’t Have What You Have

I’ve noticed people feel bad, awkward, etc. when they have what others do not … but if we are giving back in our unique way, then we are doing the best we can do … so let’s be kind and not avoid others because what we may think they lack or how uncomfortable their lack may feel to us. Not everyone is jealous or resentful … some people are even happy for you … some people don’t want the life you have … because it does not suit them.
I’ve also learned some of the happiest people are often those with the least because they aren’t worried about keeping it all.
And really, we all know we can’t take anything with us when we leave this life … only the things we have said and done.
There is also the new lesson being learned… leaving one’s children so much they don’t get to experience the joy of success and the valuable lessons failures teach which actually impairs their development rather than making them resilient and adaptable.
We need to do our best, be grateful for all we receive and give back to the world for all we have received.
Life is good. We are not all supposed to live the exact life of everyone else, for more reasons than just how boring it would be.


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August 5, 2018


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