Shedding Light On The Reality Of Our Differences … Differences That Don’t Make Us Wrong … Just Different

Bravo for proving them wrong! I’m working on that too. I struggled in school, but for different reasons. Eager, curious, and bright my early years were marked by A’s across the board, but as time went on my marks began to drop, until by grade nine, I received my first D, mainly because of my skipping out though.
You see, I struggled because of things I was experiencing socially. My personality type loves learning and my eagerness to engage with teachers was often misconstrued as -. My personality type requires a lot of solitude to learn and to chill, but not joining in or sitting on the sidelines was misconstrued as being anti-social or that I thought I was better or above everyone else. And my need to spend a lot of time alone made me susceptible to those who seek out those on their own because the lone ones are targets for all kinds of people and things.
Sadly, this still happens, but gratefully, between my drive to learn and my higher “Respect Level” I have developed, I have learned why I experienced what I did and still do … but the beauty is I am no longer ignorant and can handle people’s responses to what they do not understand … not every day, but more days than not.
And for anyone who knows of what I speak … not necessarily being like me, but being mislabeled, ignored, ostracized, ill-treated, or worse, take heart and know you are valuable … worthy of being respected too … simply for being a life. Know this too, his story, my story, your stories are what the company I created, “Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle” is designed for … to shed light on the ignorance so every child, every teen, every adult will know by their own experience they are valuable simply by being a unique individual.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier


Founder Entrepreneur Author Artist and Speaker  

© All Rights Reserved 2018 

August 21, 2018                                     

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