When I had money and a low Respect Level, I did not manage my money well.

When I had little, but a higher Respect Level, I developed the ability to manage the money I had.

When I developed an even higher Respect Level, my heart and mind opened to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and I delightfully discovered what I have or do not have does not matter … because now I have the faith and trust they have my back … whatever choices I make.

Goodbye worry and hello peace because experience has also taught me I have what I need when I need it and even when I don’t like circumstances, I know this too shall pass.

Lord almighty I wish I had got this sooner, but better later than never, though of course since God revealed my life’s purpose, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle concept, company, and global initiative, he knew what needed to change in me. Of course and thankfully, he knew how and when to get my attention. And since I’ve discovered he is also my banker, I don’t even have to try to figure out how, I just need to keep doing my parts.

Phew! What a relief!

And get this! I have also discovered that giving a percentage away to help others, in the spirit of true giving, not giving to get back or a receipt, before I help myself opens the door for God to give me more since he has taught me well.

What a joy to discover helping people, which has always been a strong drive in me, isn’t just about expending my energy, but giving them money too! Saddens me to think how I could have helped so many people when I had much, but lifts my spirits to know when abundance comes again, I will know what to do.

Thank you for dropping by with your curious open mind. Wishing you abundance of all kinds … and the Respect Level to use your abundance wisely from the heart and mind.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier


Founder Entrepreneur Author Artist and Speaker  

© All Rights Reserved 2018 

September 3, 2018                                  

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