Door 1? Door 2? or Door 3?

There is the saying when one door closes another opens, but I’ve discovered doors close because we think we have to settle for what was or what is rather than for what can be.

For me, I knew there was a Door 3, but I couldn’t seem to open it, so I kept drifting in and out of Doors 1 and 2.

Door 1 was the traditional, conventional path everyone wanted me to take. The safe, do-a-normal job people I know do.

Door 2 was another traditional, conventional path, but one of giving  up and settling for whatever as a failure, regarded as a lazy so-and-so and/or an unrealistic dreamer who would never amount to much.

Door 3, however, I did not see until in my forties. At first, I was eager to see what was behind Door 3, but when I opened it, what was required excited me, but scared people in my life, which is a big reason I closed Door 3, drifting in and out of Doors 1 and 2 for many years.

Because of the influence of people I loved and others too, falsely believing they knew what was best for me, I kept making the wrong, same choices until there was no one left to turn to for they are even more jaded than I.

Now, with income Door 1 closed and being shoved out of Door 2’s provisions, I finally put my hand firmly on Door 3 and pushed hard.

And finally, with the full commitment, dedication, and willingness, what I needed … the ideas and their solutions surround and fill me with excitement again.

For me to walk up to, open, and walk through I had to believe in me and my dreams and who made that possible is my renewed faith in God. Not the God I was taught as a Catholic girl, which was filled with much hypocrisy, but the one I have discovered reading the Bible for myself.

Some people regard believing in God as a weakness. I didn’t, but grew to. Plus, I was angry about the God I was erroneously taught about. I couldn’t make sense out of what I saw and experienced, but I do now, mostly. And what I don’t understand, I finally accept I may never understand and that’s okay.

Truth be told, I am strong in many ways. I have been gifted with the unique combination of talents I need to fulfill my life’s purpose, which was behind Door 3. Yet I know now, where I am weak, I draw on superhuman, not human strength.

Believe or not, the choice is yours to make, but I will tell you this … never, ever in my adult life have I felt so loved, peaceful, trusting, hopeful, and joyful. Plus, the answers I have needed to fulfill my purpose of helping people with my creativity are now flooding my life. Just watch. You will see things happen you never thought could and you may even begin to think you want what I have.

The good news is it is yours to receive too … for your unique self and purpose too.

Door 3 awaits.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier


Founder Entrepreneur Author Artist and Speaker  

© All Rights Reserved 2018 

September 7, 2018                                   

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