“Cutting Edge as the Bleeding Edge: AVOIDING BURNOUT on Your Path to Success”

The phenomenon of burnout is not confined to the corporate circles alone. Plenty of it exists in the world of entrepreneurship as well. There is a constant pressure for founders and startups to keep the company in the limelight and on the radar of people that matter. Lack of resources and bootstrapping takes a toll that they are afraid to admit for fear of being deemed a failure.

Being at the cutting edge of things is often deemed a virtue, but the cutting edge is also the bleeding edge and we have to learn to manage how deep the cut goes.

Total burnout never happens without warning signs. Exhaustion, lack of interest in non-work-related life, sleeplessness, nagging anxiety about nothing, unfulfillment and overwhelm are signals that demand attention. Often people ignore these signs and consider them normal tradeoffs of the demanding schedules of today. This line of thinking itself is toxic.

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November 3, 2018






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