“9 Out of 10 People Are Willing to Earn Less Money to Do More MEANINGFUL WORK”

Jaded by corporate culture in the 90’s, my journey to create a more meaningful life has been filled with the alternate, which unfortunately has also included several returns to school, low hourly wages, part-time jobs, no benefits, contract work, and questionable business practices.

Didn’t help my quest financially when I needed to divorce as part of the change because he didn’t understand, like, and didn’t want to be part of the journey I was embarking on.

Of course, I would not have had to embark on such a journey if, in my younger years, my different-from-my-community’s aspirations had been pursued instead of getting sidetracked by what other people and society said I should want because of what they valued … respected.

As this shared article reveals, I am not the only person who became jaded or who didn’t even have to become jaded to make alternative choices in order to enjoy life more and thrive.


Fortunately, albeit twenty years later, the work I truly wanted to do has become a reality and one day all the low wages, lack of benefits, and disrespectful circumstances will be only a memory.

What does my organization do? Helps people discover and value who they are and what their talents are, plus inspires them to live the best life for them to thrive … because I know the high prices we all pay when we don’t.


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Smashwords interview @  www.smashwords.com

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November 9, 2018


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